Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I spend this week in my atelier at home working on the preparation of the Holy Pop Shopping.
I just went out for a pause and i made a strange encounter :)
There is a temporary shop on Schönhauser Allee called "Intimflohmarkt" ; as a complete fleemarket addict i couldn't help stopping by.
I didn't really understand at first when seeing the price labels on the products...
It's actually not a standard shop, but an artistic concept : the price of each product is actually a speaking time with the artist about the subject written on the label.
To purchase the pink bracelet i had to pay 5 minutes talking about "something i regreted".
To be honest i didn't actually want to have the bracelet... but this is what i love about Berlin : you can find all these places and concepts you couldn't find anywhere else, based on art, selfinvolvment and generosity.
Like those bars where you pay the amount of money you think what you ate was worth !
Isn't it just lovely ?

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