Friday, 30 January 2009

My two little fairies

In the mail today there was this mysterious parcel...

In it, beautiful baby born pastel coloured cardigans handmade by my two little fairies : my grand mother (Mamy) and my aunt (Tata). They write me they want to help me to make the shop look very full with a lot of different things :)

Isn't it amasingly sweet ?

I put them just above the baby born bonnets i make. I think it fits so perfectly together and also with my flower brooches : you can tell it's the same family, can't you ?

So as they wished, i'm now selling those lovely little cardigans under the brand "Mamy & Tata", for which i made special labels :

I must confess i kept 2 of those cardigans for me, just in case !

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Emmanuance said...

wouah! les pros du tricot cette mamie et cette tata!