Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Waiting for spring

At the moment the winter in Berlin is freezing, so let's think about spring, which is going to come sooner or later ! Here are the new fabrics I bought in Paris that inspire me already lots of ideas :)
Blue and pink vichy cotton
Blue flowered, yellow squared and multicolor dotted cotton
Multicolor flowered, multicolor squared and orange dotted silk


Emmanuance said...

Plein de couleurs miam-miam. J'attends les nouvelles créations avec im-pa-ti-en-ce!

ninon said...

hi!! wow, thanks for posting and commenting!!! these fabric from paris are really supér!!! I am curious to see what they will become! hope the freezing (-12C°) days won't last to long..

Anonymous said...

ouais c clair

Anonymous said...

hi! i really love what you do, hope to come soon in berlin. thanks!