Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My day today

Today i didn't sew much except this belt : it's actually one of my father's tie, combined with a vintage buckle i purchased on the fleemarket.
Hi Dad !

I mostly biked around Prenzlauer Berg "the nose up in the air" as we say in French. I love to watch around when walking, but it's actually not so easy when biking.. I saw some funny balconies though :)


delphine said...

tin c la classe la ceinture.
tu trouves des vieilles boucles vintage?

Stephanie said...

haaaan c'est clair, super idée la cravate ceinture !! Bravo cousine !
Je t'écris bientôt pour quelques news du pays des spaghetti ;)

ninon said...

oh, the crazy balcony of berlin!
and la ceinture looks really nice!!