Sunday, 12 July 2009

A lovely sunday on Arkonaplatz

Today i was back on Arkonaplatz for the market after a long while, and i enjoyed it like it was the first time i was there.
My stand on Arkonaplatz

Here is a bunch of pictures i took today of lovely clients, great looking people and amazing stuff you can find on this fleemarket :
Sorry i didn't ask you your name
My neighbour today, who also have a shop on Helmholzplatz
Nana & her lucky owner
Scranee & Heiko
A fish in the hair
Thank you to all of these people who have accepted to be on my blog, i think you look great and i hope you'll like the pictures :)*


Schaufensterbabe said...

This is totally one of my favorite flea markets in the city. Which reminds me, I haven't been in a while....And you're right, winter might suck and sometimes there is no summer, but at least Glühwein is good, the homemade kind. :)

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

yes that's right !

stephanie Brederode said...

oh how I would love to go to this flea market!

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

if you like fleemarkets you would love it here ! it's kind of a tradition to go to the fleemarket on sunday and there are a lot of them...
come to berlin !