Friday, 13 November 2009

My Place & Yours : secret weapon

Now Meet me at Mike's meme, "My Place & Yours"!
Ok, i know i'm a bit late on this one but i really didn't know what was my secret weapon..
I felt i didn't have anything but my energy and the pleasure and peace i feel when doing my stuff.
and this morning it hit me ! my coffee machine IS really my secret weapon ! i was just too sleepy to realize it
It's an old Krups coffee machine i bought on a fleemarket when i arrived in Berlin 2 years ago. The guy who sold it to me said : 'you'll see it works a bit like an expresso machine'
Actually.. no. It doesn't make a hell of a coffee but i enjoy using it because it's beautiful.
Yeah it's not really a hell of a weapon..


Emmanuance said...

Are you kidding? it's a hell of a weapon.

jaboopee said...

the weapon is more likely the coffee it makes to sustain does look good though

Mandy said...

It's an unusual looking coffee machine, but heck, if it makes coffee for you in the morning that is a darned good weapon. We all need our morning coffee one way or another & if I had a cute machine like that I would be a hell of a force during the day! Bring on the coffee!

This girl said...

It's gorgeous! Coffee definitely counts.

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

thank you guys for the comments ! it's sweet of you !
actually the coffee is not as good as the machine could let you expect... ^^

Emjie said...

Caffeine? Yes please. Coffee is a good start to the day.