Monday, 9 November 2009

Today is a great day (suite)

Well it was raining cats and dogs, but it was great to be there to see all those dominos falling down. All of them were painted by people from everywhere in the world ; they symbolized the former wall and how it's fall had chain consequences on European history. Mikhail Gorbatchev was here and Lech Walesa made the first domino fall.


jaboopee said...

Irelands " irish times " (paper of repute) heralded this momentus occasion with a photograph of bono singing at the free concert on saturday....i think your photos would have been much better....!!!!

plushka said...

Great photos! Really interesting place!

Emjie said...

Wow! Such a fantastic thing to witness. Cool artwork too.
By the way, I like the title of your blog — "Excuse My French”. Because English speakers say ‘pardon my French’ when they swear, I sometimes wonder if the French also say ‘Pardon my English’ when they too swear.
I have decided to follow your blog.

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

thanks jaboopee, plushka and emjie for the comments !

jaboopee : thanks for your compliments ! i whish i could have seen the concert but there were too many people and the authorities where bocking the areas where the politics were...

emjie : i love this expression ! i find funny to think that English people think we swear every two word :)
we actually don't say 'pardon my English' because :
1- we figure that English people are very polite
2- a lot of French people actually don't speak English
3- we swear quite a lot indeed !!! ^^
thanks for visiting my blog ! i'll do the same !

mybricole said...

I thought the oversized dominos were such a great concept. It was great to see them all tumble over.

michelle said...

you were there! how incredible. your photos are amazing, and you have a very lovely blog