Sunday, 22 February 2009


I sewed a lot lately, so i felt like having a new occupation. My friend Emmanuance, who knits a lot of beautiful and elaborate things, tought me how to knit, and i love it !
I began whith an easy scarf, like almost everyone i assume :) and i'm now one step further : at the moment i'm knitting some vegetables ; i already made a bunch of radishes and carrots, and i'm going to make some tomatoes too yeahh !

It reminds me a lot of my childhood when i cas playing whith my sister : we use to recycle packagings to create our own supermarket. At this time we din't have a fruit and vegetables department :P

For the occasion i gave myself bamboo knitting needles which are fantastic ! It's a lot easier to knit with and the result is a lot more regular !


Emmanuance said...

Je suis époustoufflée et tellemt fière! L'élève dépassera le maître bientôt...

ExcUsE mY frEnch said...

merci ! je suis heureuse que tu sois fière de moi :P
mais avant que je dépasse ma super prof il y a tout de même du chemin.. j'éprouve un plaisir énorme à tricoter et j'ai plein de projets en tête !!

Stephanie said...

trop mignonnes tes carottes ! Les radis aussi mais j'avoue que j'ai une préférences pour les carottes ;D hihi