Sunday, 22 February 2009

I've been tagged !

Tagged by Emmanuance, here are my answers :

Diamonds or pearls : diamonds of course, because i love everything that sparkles..
The last movie i saw : The curious case of Benjamin Button, but the last movie i saw that i really loved is Vicky Christina Barcelona
My favorite TV show : Father Ted
My breakfast : not very respectable at the moment.. but i promise i'll make efforts in the future..
My second first name : i don't have one. simply Caroline
Food i don't like : raw meat
My favorite first name at the present time : Alice
Caracter trait i don't like : lack of curiousity
A place i would like to fly to : JAPAN, my ultimate dream !!!
Where i'd like to retire : i'd love to have a travelling retirement
Chocolate or vanilla : vanilla, i've never been really fond of chocolate, except the "Malakoff" chocolates that i always loved.. do someone remember them ?
The last person i talked to on the phone : Doud, my sister who lives far far away
Sweet or salty : when i was younger salty, at the moment both and i think i'll definitely swing to sweet when growing older..
My favorite day of the week : all

Now let's tag Ninon, Nikoki and Tatjana


*tatjana* said...

...ich hab es getan!

Liebste Grüße,

Anonymous said...

oh puté! c est vrai qu on est loin puté